Easy Slow Cooker Meal Plan for Back-To-School

Easy Slow Cooker Meal Plan for Back-To-School

I’ve put together a super simple, slow cooker meal plan for the busy, first week back-to-school. This meal plan is free to print and cook and includes a 1 week meal plan with 5 recipes and a complete shopping list! With this meal plan, you won’t have to worry about meal planning, grocery shopping or what everyone is having for dinner for the entire week. Simply print out the grocery list, cross out items you already have on hand, and hit the grocery store the weekend before! What could be more simple?? I’ve selected some of my easiest slow cooker recipes for this plan so that prep time will be minimal. Every recipe is family approved and there is a good variety of dishes. Preparing a slow cooker meal each day for the week will ensure plenty of leftovers for lunches, taking care of almost all the meals for the week! Here’s the lineup!

MondayEasy Slow Cooker Meal Plan for Back-To-School

TuesdayEasy Slow Cooker Meal Plan for Back-To-School

Easy Slow Cooker Meal Plan for Back-To-School

ThursdayPM Easiest 5 Ingredient Slow Cooker Fajitas Ever

FridayEasy Slow Cooker Meal Plan for Back-To-School

Click the day of the week for the individual recipes! You will need to either make a batch of my Homemade Taco Seasoning for the fajitas or purchase a store-bought packet. Also, for the Money-Saving Crock Pot Chicken, you will need to mix up the Perfect DIY BBQ Rub. Both of these homemade mixes are great to have on hand and so easy to make. They help you reduce the amount of unneeded sodium in your diet and eliminate nasty additives.

Click here for the free printable shopping list

Once you have your shopping list, go through it and cross off items you already have on hand. Then, hit the grocery store sometime the weekend before school starts. This way you’ll be ready for the busy week ahead and won’t have to make any last minute trips to the store during the week! Which we all know just adds up to wasted money and usually less than healthy dinner options. 

One last thing. I highly recommend using slow cooker liners to make clean-up a breeze. No one likes spending extra time doing dishes and these beauties work like a charm!

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