One-Pan Weekly Meal Plan

Love one-pan meals?? Me too! I’ve put together a whole weeks worth of simple yet delicious one-pan recipes, complete with a printable shopping list!

One-Pan Weekly Meal PlanThis post contains affiliate links, see below for full disclosure.

Click each picture below to go to the blog post and print off the recipe.

One Pan Chicken with Root Vegetables
One Pan Texas Bean Skillet
One Pan Breakfast Potatoes with Eggs
One-Pan Paleo Spicy Chicken Legs
One-Pan Salmon and Vegetable Bake

One-Pan Meal Plan Shopping List

Click above for the complete shopping list. Once you’ve printed it off, make sure to go through and cross off anything you already have at home. Also, read through the recipes and make sure there are no substitutions you’d like to make, or optional items you’d prefer not to use. Make necessary changes to the grocery list before going shopping. Hit the grocery store once sometime over the weekend and you’re all set to enjoy easy, delicious and healthy home-cooking every night for a week!

Note: You will need to either make Homemade Taco Seasoning or purchase a packet from the store. Making your own at home is super easy and cuts out excessive sodium and nasty additives. Make sure you adjust your grocery list accordingly. Click the picture below for the recipe.

Homemade Taco Seasoning

My main goal for creating this meal plan for you is to eliminate the daily stress of “What’s for dinner???!” With this meal plan in hand, you’ll have an answer to that question every night! Well, for this week anyway! If you love this One-Pan Weekly Meal Plan, check out my Easy Slow Cooker Meal Plan for next week!

PM Easy Slow Cooker Meal Plan for Back-To-School


Above you will find some of the equipment I used while preparing the above recipes. Sheet pans and glass 9X13’s are essential to one-pan cooking. I adore my extra-large cutting board and use it almost every single time I cook! My Victorinox knives are my favorite, I use both my chef’s knife and smaller 4″ paring knife daily!

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One-Pan Weekly Meal Plan

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