Real Food Meal Plan 4 People + 7 Days = $100

Here’s how I fed my family of four for one week, REAL FOOD, for around $100. When I say real food, I mean mostly whole foods. Sure, there’s the occasional processed item, pasta, frozen pizza (with a salad!), but a good majority of this meal plan is centered around whole foods. This “Real Food Meal Plan 4 People + 7 Days = $100” will keep your grocery budget in check while exploring new and exciting dishes.

Real Food Meal Plan 4 People + 7 Days=$100

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A few notes before I share the menu and shopping list:

  1. We eat oatmeal with milk and raisins almost every morning for breakfast.
  2. While the kids eat school lunches, we generally eat leftovers for lunch.
  3. We eat salad every night with dinner. I buy Romaine lettuce and then whatever veggies we have leftover from preparing meals goes on top.
  4. The cost for this meal plan assumes you have NOTHING in your pantry. The cost will go down significantly if you already have the spices needed in your collection.
  5. I included the cost for actually buying the item, not divided by how much you’d use in this meal plan. For example, the almonds cost $5.79/bag. You only need a handful for this meal plan, so you will obviously have extra for snacking, adding to salads and cereals, etc.
  6. I primarily shop at Aldi’s. There are a few things they don’t carry and for those items, I go to Price Chopper or Walmart. The prices for each item come from the actual store I purchased them from.

The menu. Simply click the images below to view each individual recipe.

The shopping list will be linked below.

Curried Country Captain Chicken and Rice


Fast One-Pan Ham and Broccoli Pasta


One-Pan Paleo Pork Chops with Brussels Sprouts


Simply Amazing, 5 Ingredient Oven Roasted Chicken

Fabulous Garlic, Parmesan and Spinach Pasta


Date Night (Cook’s Night Off)


Butterflied Gremolata Cornish Game Hens


Breakfast: Egg Frittata with Ham and Cheese

Dinner: Frozen Pizza with Salad (Because it’s the holiday season and I need two nights off)

Click here for the complete shopping list!

I hope this meal plan shows you that you can eat good food and stay within a budget. Reduce stress and eliminate the never ending question, “What’s for dinner?” with this “Real Food Meal Plan 4 People + 7 Days = $100!” Enjoy!

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Real Food Meal Plan 4 People + 7 Days=$100

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  • Yum! I think I am coming to your place for dinner this week! I have been so bad about planning out meals lately. With the holidays, my hubby and I are just winging it each night and that really makes for a headache. Especially when I am halfway through making dinner and realize I am missing one ingredient.

    • I feel ya! I make meal planning a priority(most of the time ;)) because when I don’t it’s no good for anyone! We always end up eating unhealthy and then not feeling well, on top of spending way more than we should for food! Hope this comes in handy, have a fantastic holiday!

  • Congratulations!
    Your post was featured on Full Plate Thursday. Thanks so much for sharing with us and enjoy your new Red Plate.
    Best Wishes For 2017
    Miz Helen

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