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Dark Chocolate Strawberry Muffins (Video)

Dark Chocolate Strawberry Muffins! Enjoy the fresh flavor of strawberries combined with decadent dark chocolate in these super easy Dark Chocolate Strawberry Muffins! Soy and Dairy free! The First-Taste.com.

Pin58 Share Tweet Stumble1 +1Shares 59 I love the flavor of strawberries and chocolate together, make it dark chocolate and I’m in heaven! Since I’ve got an abundance of strawberries from the garden right now, (and since I read how absolutely great they are for you), I created a delicious treat, Dark Chocolate Strawberry Muffins. …

Metabolism Boosting Strawberry Smoothie (Video)

Metabolism Boosting Strawberry Smoothie. Spice up your day and jump start your metabolism with this delicious Metabolism Boosting Strawberry Smoothie! All natural, super easy and so tasty! The First-Taste.com.

Pin182 Share1 Tweet Stumble1 +1Shares 184 Smoothies are my favorite way to fuel my body on busy days. This Metabolism Boosting Strawberry Smoothie is a great way to spice up your regular breakfast routine, and jump start your metabolism at the same time! Cayenne is a natural metabolism booster, the strawberries are packed with vitamin …